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How would you define the concept of a “leader”?

Is it based on your job title, salary, or level of authority? If so, then why have we encountered individuals with these credentials who have shown significant failures in leadership? In my perspective, leadership runs much deeper than superficial markers. It is a behaviour, an attitude, and a deliberate action that propels you forward. It encompasses a mindset, and perhaps even a way of life, that permeates every aspect of your world. This type of leadership has the power to bring about profound changes.

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Paul Robinson is India’s leading keynote speaker on leadership. He is also the best selling author of The High Performance Leadership. Paul has developed over a dozen small leadership courses to help you become an effective leader.

In a world where the command and control model of leadership is no longer effective, a new paradigm has emerged—one that emphasises the power of warmth, empathy, and authentic connection.

Welcome to “Lead with EQ: Harnessing Empathy for Effective Leadership,” a transformative course that focuses on developing EQ and leveraging the power of empathy to lead with compassion, authenticity, and influence.

This is a leadership course designed to explore the transformative power of servant leadership and its impact on fostering collaboration, inspiring teams, and achieving extraordinary results.

In this course, we delve into the principles and practices of leading with integrity, equipping you with the tools and mindset to inspire trust, cultivate ethical decision-making, and create a positive and meaningful leadership presence.

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In his ground-breaking book, “High Performance Leadership,” esteemed keynote speaker and business strategist, Paul Robinson, takes you on a journey into the realm of transformative leadership. Prepare to delve deeper into the behavioral kinetics of leadership and rediscover your unique leadership style.

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